Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of the Concord Million


a. Concord Million Homepage: Online registration for participation in the Concord Millions does not guarantee a starting spot for your preferred casino/date.

i. Only when the amount of € 550 has been received in the account of the Concord Card Casinos Casino Equipment Vermietungs GmbH and the player has received a confirmation by email, his starting spot is is confirmed.

ii. After the application, the spot (according to availability) is reserved for the player for one week. If the payment is not transferred during that time, the reservation will expire.

iii. The possibility of the online registration respectively ends three working days before the desired starting day.

2 Players can enter the Concord Millions several times. 1 re-entry per starting day is possible.

a. Players who have arrived at day 1 of the Concord Million from phase 1, are also entitled to buy-in and re-entry after their drop out.

b. Players can buy in again until the beginning of day 2, even if they have already made buy-in and re-entry.

3 Phase 1:

a. Phase 1 ends when 10 % of the entries (mathematically rounded) have been reached or after level 18 (depending which case occurs earlier).

b. Players take their chip count along to any day 1 of the Concord Million.

c. Multiple qualifications are possible and can be used as re-entry or for a further day 1.

i. Qualifications from phase 1 that have not been used will lapse.

ii. Qualifications cannot be transferred and cannot be redeemed for cash.

d. Qualifications from phase 1 must be used primarily in the casino where the phase was played.

i. Further qualifications that have not been used can be used from 29.11. to 01.12. at the CCC Wien Simmering.

ii. Players who have played the phases from 21.11. to 24.11. at the Montesino, can also use their qualifications on day 1 on 24. and 25.11. at the CCC Wien Simmering, as the Montesino does not have its own day 1 at this weekend.

4 Final qualifications:

a. 10 % of the entries qualify for the final on the starting days (day 1 and 2 or day 1 direct).

i. It is always rounded mathematically.

ii. On day 2, the sum of all entries from the previous day(s) 1 and possible buy-ins on day 2 count.

iii. Players who have arrived through the phases, count as respectively 1 entry per 100 k tournament chips (mathematically rounded)

5 The tickets are not transferable.

6 Tickets won at live satellites cannot be redeemed for cash and they are not transferable.

a. Only in the case where a player wins a second ticket at a live satellite can he/she transfer it to a player who has not registered yet.

7 All participants must show identification during the registration time period on each day of play.

a. An official photo ID is required.

8 Trading of Concord Million tickets is prohibited.

9 Players have the possibility to cancel their participation up to 3 working days before the chosen starting day (apart from online starting days - until immediately before the start of the tournament in the PartyPoker.com client).

a. This cancellation must take place via email to tickets@cccmail.at. Should the player not receive a confirmation of the cancellation within 24 hours, he must contact the casino directly (telephone numbers are available on the homepage www.concordmillion.com).

10 A cancellation at a later date is not possible.

If the player cannot participate due to illness, accident or force majeure, he/she may transfer his/her ticket to a substitute player who has not registered yet, after consulting with the casino.

11 Electronic mail (email) and ticket purchase confirmations at the Casino are valid only for the Casino and date indicated in the email.

12 The final is held from 01 to 03 December 2018 at the CCC Simmering. a.    Players who qualify for the final must travel there at their own expense. b. Finals participations are not transferable.

13 Multiple qualifications for the final are possible.

a. Players can qualify several times for the final.

b. Only the qualification with the highest chip count counts for the final c. For each further qualification, the player will be paid € 4,000 and the chips are removed from the tournament.

14 3 % of the tournament prize pool will be withheld to cover the costs of the casino staff and the dealers. 

15 Players may wear up to two sponsor logos.

a. One breast pocket logo, not larger than 70cm², and one shoulder logo, not larger than 40 cm².

b. No further logos are permitted.

c. Players who are sponsored by a company must wear these logos from the start.

d. A player who is not sponsored, who does not wear any logos at the start of the event, may also not wear any logos at a later date.

e. Logos of Austrian casinos and poker casinos are only permitted with written authorisation from the event organiser.

16 All players agree that their name, photos as well as possible video and sound recordings, as well as broadcasts of the organiser are used for promotional purposes. a. The player transfers all rights to this material to the organiser with participation.

17 All final table participants agree to participate in press conferences and be available for interviews.

18 Any deals made at the final table must include at least € 10,000 for the winner, which will be played out in any case.

19 Players who have been officially blocked or who have blocked themselves at a CCC, are prohibited from participating in the Concord Million.

20 Force majeure – The guaranteed prize pool (or parts of the guaranteed prize pool at individual locations) is/are not valid if players' participation is prevented by a factor outside the influence of the event organiser. These factors include: Fire, flooding, earthquakes, storms or other natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks, rioting or civil unrest, explosions, etc.