The Concord Million 2019

Prize pool: € 1,000,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 550


The summer is coming to an end, the leaves are slowly turning more colourful. Now the Concord Card Casino team is getting ready for the poker highlight of the year in Austria. The Concord Million returns to the poker casinos and will guarantee the impressive sum of € 1,000,000 for the ninth time.

Who will succeed Raphael Hager?

Last year, the event was all about Raphael Hager. He defeated Armin Rezaei in the heads-up of the Concord Million. His pair of eight turned into a set on the board and secured him a total prize money of € 155,330. The number of participants was impressive. 3,846 Phase 1 entries and 1,954 day 1 entries created a total prize pool of € 1,169,300. Eleven participants could even qualify several times for the final.

Now the time has come again. The Concord Million 2019 will take place in numerous casinos throughout Austria and some neighbouring countries from 28 November to 9 December inclusive. A guaranteed prize pool of € 1,000,000 is offered in return for a buy-in of € 550.

With € 60 to a million

This year, poker fans can once again join the Concord Million for a buy-in of € 60 via Phase 1 for the total prize money of € 1,000,000.

Phase 1 tournaments are available in all participating casinos. The buy-in is € 60,and for this the players get a starting stack of 10,000 chips. The levels last 20 minutes, one re-entry per starting day is possible. The game is played until 10% of the entries remain. Phase 1 players can choose the day 1 (but must remain at their Phase 1 location for the first try).

Those who qualify will take their chips into day 1 of the Concord Million.

Of course, lots of further inexpensive satellites for day 1 are available for the poker fans in many casinos in Austria and abroad.

Online with $1 to the Concord Million!

For the ninth edition of the Concord Million, the Concord Card Casino Group, together with the online partner Betkings.eu, offers again the opportunity of online qualification. In addition to the satellites, where you can qualify from just $ 1 for day 1, there is a welcome bonus up to $ 1,000, All-In or Fold tables with their own jackpot, and many more attractive promotions.

The Online starting day at Betkings

Poker players can now also start online at the Concord Million at Betkings. Day 1 will take place on 24 November 2019 at 6 pm (CET). The buy-in is $620, for this, the participants get 100,000 chips. The levels last 20 minutes.

All information on the online satellites and the online starting days can be found here.

The course of the tournament

The Concord Million 2019 starts on 28 November and offers several starting days until the finals from 7 to 9 December 2019 at the CCC Wien Simmering. The buy-in is € 550, and for this, the poker players receive 100,000 chips. One re-entry per starting day and Phase 1 is permitted. The registration and re-entry are always possible for 9 levels.

There will be a day 2 in the participating casinos. On day 1, 9 levels are played and all remaining participants advance to day 2. Then they will play poker until only 10 % of all entries are left.

In Phase 1, the blind levels last 20 minutes each. On the starting days, on day 2 and in the finals they last 60 minutes, and even 90 minutes at the final table.

The starting days just before the finals will be played with 30-minute levels up to the last 10% of the entries. Additionally, Turbo starting days with levels of 20 or 15 minutes are available again.

The finals in Vienna

The finals of the Concord Million 2019 will be held at the CCC Wien Simmering from 7 to 9 December 2019.

All players in the finals will win at least € 1,500. All finalists will already receive € 500 after qualifying to cover the travel expenses to the finals. In the finals, they will then receive at least a further € 1,000.

The blinds are set back in the finals. With a big blind of 5,000 chips and an average of 1 million chips, the players will start in the decision with an average of 200 big blinds!

Concord Million 2019 Facts

  • Qualification via Phase 1 with a buy-in of € 60
  • Day 1 and day 2 directly at the participating casinos
  • One re-entry per starting day is possible
  • Multiple qualifications are possible (the highest stack advances to the finals)
  • Each additional qualification is awarded a bonus of € 4,000

Poker fans are now taking the opportunity to qualify for the Concord Million 2019 at their favourite casino. Not only numerous starting days, but also all sorts of phase 1 tournaments and numerous live satellites can be chosen. People who prefer to play for a favourable ticket online, will soon have the opportunity at the Concord Million online partner Betkings.

Good luck!

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