The Concord Million VII

Prize money: € 1,000,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 550


The Concord Card Casino Group called, and poker players from all across Europe rushed to the agencies. This was how poker players experienced the six previous instalments of the Concord Million. For a buy-in of € 550, again there waits a guaranteed prize pool of € 1,000,000. Something like this is cannot be found every day in a live casino in Europe. Now the Concord Million returns, and its seventh instalment will certainly provide for enthusiasm and full houses again.

This is new: With € 60 to a million

The possibility for a buy-in of € 60 through phase 1 is new, in order to take part in the total prize money of € 1,000,000.

Phase 1 tournaments are available in all participating casinos. The buy-in is € 60, for this, the players get a starting stack of 10,000 chips. The levels last 20 minutes, a re-entry per starting day is possible.

People who qualify will take their chips into day 1 of the Concord Million.

The poker fans obviously still expect all sorts of reasonable live satellites for day 1 in many casinos nationally and abroad.

The sequence

The Concord Million VII starts on 23 November and offers all sorts of starting days until the final on 4 December 2017. The buy-in is € 550 and for this, poker players receive 100,000 chips. One re-entry per starting day and phase 1 is permitted. 9 levels are always possible with registration and re-entry.

This time there will also be a day 2 in the participating casinos. On Day 1, 9 levels are played, all remaining participants advance to day 2. Then they will play poker until only 10 % of the total entries are left.

The blind levels take 20 minutes in phase 1, on the live starting days, 60 minutes on day 2 and in the final, and even 90 minutes at the final table.

The starting days just before the final will be played as usual with 30-minute levels up to the last 10 % of the entries. Additionally, Turbo starting days with levels of 20 or 15 minutes are also available for the first time.

The final in Vienna

The final will be held from 2 to 4 December 2017 at the CCC Wien Simmering as usual. All players in the finals shall win at least € 1,500. Each finalist will receive € 500 already after qualifying, to cover the travel expenses for the finals. In the finals, he/she will then receive at least a further € 1,000.

The blinds are set back in the final as usual. With a Big Blind of 5,000 and on average 1 mio. chips, the players start with an average of 200 bb in the final!

Qualify online on partypoker and start playing

Also this time, the Concord Group offers online satellites and online starting days in collaboration with partypoker. 20 Concord Million tickets are thereby guaranteed per week. The satellites on partypoker start on October 8th.

During the online starting days on partypoker, as in the agencies, poker players can qualify directly for the final.

Concord Million VII Facts

  • Qualification via phase 1 and a buy-in of € 60
  • Day 1 and Day 2 directly at the participating casinos
  • One re-entry per starting day is possible
  • Multiple qualifications are possible (the highest stack going into the final)
  • Each additional qualification is awarded a bonus of € 4,000
  • Online satellites and online starting days at partypoker
  • Concord Million starting days of the partner casinos throughout Europe
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