The Concord Million returns!

November 24th - December 4th 2017, € 1.000.000 is guaranteed, Buy-In: € 550


Here you find all offers of Concord Card Casinos for the Concord Million VII. Join and make sure you get your share of the million!


The Finals

1 to 3 December 2018

CCC Wien Simmering


Side Events: altogether € 25,000 guaranteed

Prize pool: € 5,000 or € 25,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 60 or € 115

Concord Million High Roller Event

Buy-in: € 2,500


The Concord Million VIII

Prize pool: € 1,000,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 550

The phases of the Concord Million VIII

Qualification via phase 1

€ 4,000 Bonus

Qualify twice and rake in the money

Concord Million Stories

The Concord million of the Concord Card Casino brings poker fans from around the world to our poker rooms. Win or lose, here you will find the best stories straight from the poker table.

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